Frequently Asked

1. What are the advantages of trenchless technologies over open trenching ?

The advantage of trenchless technologies over traditional open trenching are many, cost savings are significant there is less reinstatement as there is usually the launch pit is the only area needing remedial work after completion of the bore or in the case of directional drilling even less intrusion. Generally no interruption to traffic as works can be completed without the use of stop go traffic.

2. What services can be installed using trenchless technology?

Generally all utilities that are installed using open trenching can be installed, sewer,water,power, telecommunications,storm water pipes. There is no limitations to what can be installed that are installed using trenching.

3. Is trenchless new technology ?

Trenchless technology has been in use since the early  Egyptians, it is believed  they were boring for water since earliest recorded times. Horizontal Boring has been used in modern times and is now increasing in popularity as we become more environmentally aware and understand the vulnerability of of own  sustainability. We are working to reduce waste using the Three R’s Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

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