Horizontal Auger Bore

horizontal auger boring

Horizontal Auger Bore

At Auger Boring, we provide reliable and efficient horizontal auger boring services to meet your trenchless crossing needs. We are the local leaders in the trenchless industry and can provide you with a diverse range of solutions to suit your needs.

Our expertise in trenchless auger boring techniques ensure a safe and economical alternative to other tunnelling approaches, without dropping on efficiency or quality. Auger boring is the reliable method for making crossings beneath existing infrastructure with minimal disruption. Our horizontal auger boring capability is wide ranging and is adjusted based on your equipment needs, condition of the soil and the length of the installations required.

Having acquired many years of experience in the boring industry, we are able to provide you with the highest quality auger boring solutions to suit your trenchless project needs.

Whether your project is in the construction, mining, oil or gas industries, the team at Auger Boring is more than adept and qualified to tackle your boring projects needs with efficiency. We come well-equipped with world-class trenchless technology and a large fleet of advanced equipment for the best solutions possible. Our machine goes through regular inspection before leaving our depot, making sure that all our working components are fully functional and secured. We can assure 100% work satisfaction with projects handed over within the due time and budget as agreed upon.

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